13 September 2009

Walking on Sunday

We walk in the woods together a lot, several times a week.

Today we walked up and down this steep hill because my daughter wanted to. We'd come down it together with the trail-a-bike rig a few days ago, and she wanted to see how steep it really was up close. It's rather steep... for Tevas anyway.

Just for fun: here's the first Walking in the Woods on Sunday video we ever shot, from back in June 2004.


Anonymous said...

Nice moves on the trail :-) Hope you had a nice weekend. Took my kids to Meteor Crater for a look at the big hole.
You're right... parking at the fall festival is $5 and I'll likely spend more inside. They told me this may be the last year they do it unless there's substantial support. Support is one thing I've got to give. -Have a good one. Theresa B.

johncoe said...

that would stink; we love the fall festival. we're headed out next weekend for sure and hoping for waaay better weather conditions than today.

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May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. -- Ed Abbey