16 September 2010

Riding in Whistler. In the summer! In the snow!

Linden, my super-cool sales-floor manager at the shop, along her husband Andy, our repair-shop manager, are taking a lengthy (and much deserved) hiatus from Arizona and visiting Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, Canadia, for a few weeks this month.  She's blogging about it some.  But, probably, knowing Linden and Andy, I'm gonna bet that they're way too busy riding (n-stuff) to do too much posting-online while they're away.

So, for the time being, we'll have to be content with this... Linden's helmet-cam footage of the Redbull 5000 Down race last Sunday... the first 13 minutes of it anyway (her camera died)... Ya gotta check it out!  Five-inches of summer-fresh pow.  500 flailing downhillers!  An endless streak of super-muddy trails.  Linden passing several armor-clad tough-guys.  Rain and more rain.  And your standard terrible heavy metal soundtrack to top it all off.  Heck yes!  That's just about as good as it gets!  I give it 5 stars.


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