06 August 2011

Out And Back

It's a rare ride in Flagstaff that doesn't make a good loop.  Somehow.  But, if you're out riding unfinished trails, like we were today, you're left with little choice.  Unfinished trails almost always dead-end.  The Arizona Trail in the vicinity of Arizona Snowbowl dead-ends.  That's where we rode today. From town up to the dead-end and back again.  Out-and-back.  Uncommon words in these parts.

This new section of the Arizona Trail is already a great trail.  Once it's finished, and we're able to make loops out of it, it's going to be awesome.  Good to ride with old friends today, too: Ken, Art, and Jason.

I put together a 5-minute video of our descent, from the dead-end back down to Snowbowl Road just so you can get an idea of how cool this trail already is, in its raw form. For whatever it's worth, I captured this footage with my $20.00 808 micro-camera, velcro'd to my helmet.  It ain't HD, but heck, ya get what ya pay for...  Featuring music by Silversun Pickups [Growing Old Is Getting Old], for all you music lovers out there.