23 January 2009

The $10.00 not-a-helmet-cam video-rig

Helmet cams are expensive. I've never actually used one, but, if you ski in the trees outta-bounds with a helmet-mounted camera I figure it's bound to get nailed... by a branch, by a fall, you name it: hazards are everyhere.

It sure ain't fancy, but his is my new solution to the helmet cam dilemma: the OpTech STABILIZER STRAP™. I found it online, shipped, for just over ten bucks.

To shoot skiing (and I anticipate come-spring, riding) I use
it pretty much just as pictured, my Canon S5IS camera, stock-strap, and the stabilizer. I think it's at least as stable as a helmet cam, provides an interesting viewpoint, and it's fairly well protected from environmental hazards on my chest, moreso than it is on the top of my head, I'll wager.

No argument: I score no-points for cool with this rig. But it zips into my jacket when I'm in line, so I can easily hide my dorkiness from those who might scoff.

14 January 2009

when @rockychrysler

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