06 August 2011

Out And Back

It's a rare ride in Flagstaff that doesn't make a good loop.  Somehow.  But, if you're out riding unfinished trails, like we were today, you're left with little choice.  Unfinished trails almost always dead-end.  The Arizona Trail in the vicinity of Arizona Snowbowl dead-ends.  That's where we rode today. From town up to the dead-end and back again.  Out-and-back.  Uncommon words in these parts.

This new section of the Arizona Trail is already a great trail.  Once it's finished, and we're able to make loops out of it, it's going to be awesome.  Good to ride with old friends today, too: Ken, Art, and Jason.

I put together a 5-minute video of our descent, from the dead-end back down to Snowbowl Road just so you can get an idea of how cool this trail already is, in its raw form. For whatever it's worth, I captured this footage with my $20.00 808 micro-camera, velcro'd to my helmet.  It ain't HD, but heck, ya get what ya pay for...  Featuring music by Silversun Pickups [Growing Old Is Getting Old], for all you music lovers out there.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! It's Leslie here. Can you explain this route to me? We just rode around the peaks (without the true around afforded by Waterline.) I got to check out the new section of AZ trail beyond Bismark lake, but I am wondering about hooking up this section too?

johncoe said...

This will eventually tie into the bismark section, Leslie.we rode from Moto to the current dead end. But eventually it wll go thru. Not too far for the builders to go.

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