09 July 2011

Pic of a nerd riding a bike

Got 350 unique hits here at rockychrysler.blogspot.com during the past 30 days.  Served 1200 page views, too.  Not a bad month here at the old blog.  Slowly but surely gaining an audience? Have to hope so.

I use Google Analytics to chart stats like these.  So do lots of bloggers, I think.  One of the neat features of Analytics is that you can drill-down into your data pretty deeply if you want to.  One of the components that I like to look at in Analytics are the search-term keywords that are used by the folks who eventually find their way here.

Here's the best set of Google search-keywords that ever lead anyone to this blog: pic of a nerd riding a bike.

No kidding.  Somebody Googled "pic of a nerd riding a bike" and it brought them right here!

How awesome is that?!

And, just so nobody goes away disappointed, I submit the following for the record (there were plenty to choose from):
Pic of a nerd riding a bike

07 July 2011

New reviews

Here's a quick update for you, dear readers.

None of what follows is really news.  But it's something which will, at minimum, serve to bump the birds off the top of the page... Not my favorite post of all-time. And, as things go, this update will likewise be a complete departure from the myriad things that are actually currently occupying my mind... all of which would most likely bore you to death.

Instead, I give you this mundane but somewhat gratifying news: I had a couple product reviews run on the website Commute By Bike again this month. About a set of tires and a beanie. In a nutshell: I loved the beanie, but wasn't too crazy about the tires. Of course, if such things are of interest to you, you can read the reviews for yourself by clicking thru on the links above.

Otherwise, you may simply consider this blog un-birded, and your author momentarily distracted.  Both good things.
May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. -- Ed Abbey