09 November 2019

Let's build a Cooziecage™

The Cooziecage™ is an on-bike beer-transport system.  I'm pretty sure I invented it. 

Follow these instructions to make your own Cooziecage™. Afterwards, I hope you enjoy many a lovely bevvie whilst sitting atop big rocks, or blown-down trees, or in grassy meadows, or on snow-covered stumps out in the woods.   In my experience, I have found these are things almost everyone likes to do.  

I hope these free instructions make all your rides more enjoyable, and this crazy world we live in a little bit better, too, one bike and one beer at a time.

I like beer!  I like bikes!  I think bikes and beer go well together.
Thanks, Cooziecage

If you do too, you should make a Cooziecage™ so you can conveniently take a beer with you on your next ride. Hell, on every ride! 

Tired of waiting until your ride is over to enjoy a lovely beverage? With a Cooziecage™ attached to your bike you'll be able to crack open one of your favorites the next time, and every time, you get to the top of your ride.  

Just imagine how refreshing that will be!

DISCLAIMER: If you choose to use a Cooziecage™ to drink-and-ride, please do so responsibly. Duh.
May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. -- Ed Abbey