I don't collect bikes, per se, but I do own a few.  Mostly because I like riding bikes. A lot.

I don't still own every bike I've ever had, but I do still have a number of them. I've come to think of my collection as a kind of no-kill shelter for older bicycles.  I've done my best, in some cases for decades, to ensure that they will all always be well fed and cared for, and to see to it that they still get a chance to run around off-leash out in the woods now and then, too.

Click the images below to embiggen.  

Click the links beneath each picture to read some stuff I've written about them.
Coconino Cycles singlespeed #285 (ca. 2014)
Rock Lobster singlespeed #06 (ca. 1985)
Ibis Mt. Trials #1087 (ca. 1991)
Retrotec #64 (ca. 1992)
Specialized Stumpjumper Pro (ca. 2004)
Specialized Deja Two tandem (ca. 1992)
Surly Pugsley (ca. 2013)
Surly Cross-Check (ca. 2001)
Panasonic Mountain Cat 7500 (ca. 1987)
Dirtuni mountain unicycle #02 (ca. 2004)
Schwinn Typhoon (ca. 1960s)
Surly Steamroller fixed/free singlespeed (ca. 2000)
Ibis Trials Comp #7F0033⚾ (ca. 1987)
Raleigh Sports (ca. 1970s)
Specialized Expedition touring (ca. 1985)
Specialized Fuse Expert (ca. 2017)

Union Goldrun Tracking commuter (ca. 2010)

Matt Chester Mutinyman singlespeed (ca. 2003)

Surly Moonlander (ca. 2013)



Paul said...

Hey I don't see your fat bike and other newer steeds in this list. Do the new bikes not get any love?!? haha

johncoe said...

All my bikes are on this list, Paul. Promise.

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