I don't collect bikes, per se, but I do own a few. Mostly because I like riding bikes. A lot.

I don't still own every bike I've ever had, but I do still have a number of them. I've come to think of my collection as a kind of no-kill shelter. I've done my best, in some cases for decades, to ensure that they have all been well fed and cared for, and have also seen to it that they have each had a chance to run around off-leash out in the woods now and then, too.

Surly Moonlander (ca. 2013)

Breezer Lightning (ca. 1994)

Puch Mistral Professional (ca. 1987)

Ibis Trials Comp #7F0033⚾ (ca. 1987)

Specialized Expedition road touring (ca. 1985)

Union Goldrun Tracking errandonnée (ca. 2010)

Raleigh Sports (ca. 1970)

Dirtuni mountain unicycle #02 (ca. 2004)


May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. -- Ed Abbey