23 April 2024

Archival footage: Unsponsored, unsolicited product review: Canclaw Bike Can Holder [UPDATED]

The following review was posted to the Beer Forum at mtbr.com on 16 Apr 2024.

Being the inventor of the original on-bike beverage-transport system, the DIY Cooziecage™, I felt that I should be the one to volunteer to purchase and review the Canclaw, a $23.00 (+$5.00 shipping) 3D-printed on-bike beverage transport system akin, if not in design then no-doubt in spirit and intention, to the Cooziecage™.
Seeing as how spring has just-now finally arrived in my neck of the woods, this past Monday morning I removed the Cooziecage™ and mounted my recently purchased Canclaw to the downtube of my Coconino singlespeed for an early-season early-morning sortie into yonder public lands.
Together (my bike, my beer and I, natch) we rode exactly 9.4 miles, up singletrack and a wee bit of forest-road, to "the top" of the day's loop wherein (no matter where "the top" may be) it has long been my habit to stop and sit, atop a humpy rock, or upon the bark of a blown-down tree, or nestled within a tuft or two of brownish braken or bunchgrass, to imbibe a favorite bevvy (thanks always, up 'til today, to my Cooziecage™) whilst contemplating the brevity of my existence, or the shapes of the clouds over head, even perhaps just to anticipate the soon-to-be-had thrill of the downward-facing homeward-bound trail that awaits me.
Following this first-shakedown ride, I am pleased to be able to report, it appears the Canclaw excels at can-holding and also at can-transporting. A standard 12oz beer can easily snaps into the retainer with a positive audible click. To remove the can requires quite a bit, but not an inordinate amount of force, which must applied with one's thumb and pointer-finger to the integrated release-lever. My chosen beverage for this particular test-ride, a 12oz can of Modelo Especial (an excellent inexpensive lager of Mexican origination), arrived at today's drinking-point thoroughly unscathed (zero premature ejections) with the expected non-excessive amount of head-foam upon opening (an unavoidable fact-of-life for all mid-ride beer drinkers). Canclaw FTW!

As so, to summarize: while the Canclaw is not a DIY on-bike beverage transport system, รก la the Cooziecage™, it is, nonetheless, for just $28.00 shipped, a super clever, super low-profile, super stable and remarkably well-designed beverage transport system nonetheless. It works, and to this point, it appears to work well.

Thus, to all my fellow outdoor mid-ride bike-beer imbibers who might be interested in procuring one, I'm stoked to say: I can(claw) recommend.

UPDATE: 21 April 2024

The comment below, perhaps one of the greatest compliments I have ever been paid as a writer, appeared in the Beer Forum thread a few days after it began...


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