01 June 2024

Meet Benny, the Jet

Meet Benny, our new 1968 Lofgren's Jet camper trailer, the long sought-after replacement for our beloved camper van, Betovn.

We recently finished painting and restoring her outsides (with new paint (to match the house), reproduction decals, and fresh weatherseal where it was needed... a lot of the interior resto-work was begun by the previous owner) and she's now permanently leveled and installed (as in: she's no longer a travel trailer) in the side-yard next to our back-deck. We intend to use Benny as an overnight guest-room whenever friends and family come to visit for a few days.

She's equipped to sleep 2 normal-sized grown-people and 2 kids comfortably, is hooked up to shore-power for interior lighting (but has no fridge, just a legit vintage icebox), and the three-burner stove works great on propane (haven't tested the oven yet)... however, she's got no running water (no gray-water tank on-board) and no toilet (no black-water tank, either). An effective electric space-heater and a small-but-adequate electric fan have been installed for all-season interior climate control (plenty of extra blankets in the closet as well). And there's also a small Amazon Fire TV on the wall above the aft bed. 

Our guests are, of course, welcomed to use the guest restroom and kitchen facilities inside our house, as well as the comfy outdoor seating and eating areas, the BBQ, and the hot-tub, all of which are located just steps away from Benny's front door, too.

If you've got our digits and you're gonna be in FLGtown to ride or ski (or whatever) sometime soon, feel free to reach out with a text to let us know when you'd like to stay a few nights in Benny. We'd be happy to have ya!

Benny before...


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