We've acquired several original paintings and and also a few limited prints over the years. Several of them have been created by Lyle Motley. All of them are on display around the house. Some are commissions that Lyle has done for us and others were purchased at shows or gallery installations featuring his work (and one was a gift for my birthday).

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oil on canvas
Artist: Lyle Motley

Aerial Telegram - Sending the Sightlings
giclee print #001
Artist: Lyle Motley

Acrylic on canvas
Artist: Lyle Motley

Acrylic on paper
Artist: Lyle Motley

Untitled triptych
Acrylic on panels
Artist: Lyle Motley

A Serious Man - Sending the Sightlings
Mixed media oil on panel 
Artist: Lyle Motley

Acrylic on canvas
Artist: Lyle Motley

Untitled animation cell
Ink on acetate
Artist: Unknown

Radiohead Kid A
giclee print
Artist: Stanley Donwood


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