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As if the content of my blog weren't enough to demonstrate my endeavors as an occasional writer of words, some time ago I also put together a package of scanned images and a short video retrospective in order to showcase a few of the print publication bylines and commissioned articles I've produced for local and national newspapers and magazines over the years

So here ya go, dear reader: welcome to the digital version of my writing portfolio, wherein you (lucky you) get to watch-and-listen as I tell you a little bit about a few of the many things I've written professionally.  

Aren't you just thrilled?  Me too! 

Just click play on the video below, or keep scrolling down to read through a few samples of my writing...

If you're interested in actually reading any of the articles that were featured in the video you just watched, simply select the image of a clipping below to view it full-size. 

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