10 February 2009

Skiing with Ken

Arizona Snowbowl has got to be the only ski area in North America that cannot operate at capacity when it is snowing. Today, faced with several feet of new snow, and well-publicized snowdays for every elementary, high-school, and university student in the county, Snowbowl was unable to load the Agassiz lift at full capacity. Instead they loaded us two-per-chair, every third chair! An amazing, head-scratching situation to be sure! Needless to say, even though only a few hundred skiers were on the mountain before lunchtime, we were all standing in line together... waiting, waiting, waiting... Nevertheless, Ken and I were able to get in two long, memorable runs (we did a lot of backtracking, traversing, and even some skinless climbing) before we split back down the hill for lunch.


u2metoo said...

I'm a little late to the party. That is was a delicious video. Rockchrysler is now bookmarked!

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