22 May 2009

Putting it together

I'm going to try something new here, beginning today. I have a plan...

As with most plans of this nature, I fear it's only fair to admit that this new plan might honestly take root in rocky soil and bear little or no fruit. But I am going to try, nevertheless: to make regular entries on this blog.

Here's what I'd like to do: I'd like to create a place for me to write, to practice writing. I've been a writer, off-and-on, for many years. But, at the moment I find myself with no venue, no place to put my words... the magazine and newspaper assignments have all disappeared, dried-up, or been canceled for one reason or another. I find myself in need of a place to practice, a place to just write. For lack of any other venue, like millions of other writers, by default This Blog will be the place.

I don't intend for the things I write here to be anything too deep or personal. I don't intend to wax poetic or become too nostalgic or philosophical. I just want to write about what I do: the places I ride and ski, and perhaps talk a little about who I've hung with in the process... stuff like that. This certainly won't be the first blog to emphasize such things. But it will be mine... The Blog of a satisfied 42-year-old father-and-husband who has ridden bikes and skied for some 20 years in the woods near Flagstaff, Arizona.

Here's to making regular blog entries...


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