18 September 2009

Oh, The Places You'll Go! Trailnation.com 2

At the end of a long week, and an even longer day today, it was nice to get online tonight and find my second article for Trailnation.com has been posted. Even better, they chose to run some of my (lame) photos along with the article. This article, like the last one, is mostly about riding bikes, but I think it's far less navel-gazey. This one is all about practical advice for riding your bike off the beaten track, where bikes don't always get ridden. Curious? Please, click-thru!

By all appearances, Trailnation continues to be targeted at the motorized, quad-crowd, making my articles on mountain bike riding and bicycle commuting feel a bit out of place. But, as long as they'll have me as a writer, I'm committed to continuing to work to see if we can change that some... I've got a few good ideas, I think.


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