14 November 2009

It snowed today (mostly above 8500')

Yay snow!

It's now officially become a sort of a tradition of ours (bear with us: we have so few traditions) to seek out the first significant snow of the season and make a snow-girl. Today we found it off Snowbowl Road, not too far afield from one of our favorite places, Alfa Fia tank, at about 9000 feet. Two inches of wet-and-heavy with two inches of fluff on top for a total of maybe (maaaaaybee) four inches of snow in all. Not the ideal conditions for making snow-girls... but fun, regardless... despite our only-half-preparedness (note: our daughter's wearing stretch-pants not snow-pants). Nevertheless, hopefully this snowfall's just a harbinger of bigger-and-bigger and better-and-better storms to come.

Last year about this time we hit up Brookbank Trail for our snow-girl making. There was less snow on the ground, but it was much better snow for sculpting.


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