09 February 2010

Something to blog about

I promise you, I've had my camera in my gear-bag this entire season. I've even kept the batteries charged in-between days on the mountain.

I've been meaning to shoot a few morning runs, a few big days, a few jaunts into the slackcountry... but I've just forgotten. During boot-up each morning this year I've walked off to the back of the maze with everything needful for a day on the mountain: skis, boots, gloves, poles, helmet, pass... even the iPod... but without the camera... every stinkin' time!  I usually remember it just as my chair is heading past the bottom of the first run on the way to the top... but by then it's way to late to turn back... and so the camera languishes in the back of the car as another wonderful day on the snow becomes just a memory of my own.

Fortunately, I think I've broken this trend; I remembered my camera last Sunday... strapped it on my chest and got some footage of what's sure to be one of the hallmark days of this already remarkable season. Statistically we're at 238" of snow for the season... with 98" sitting on the ground at 10.8k. This particular day we had a lovely light 10" new up-top to enjoy.

Just so ya know: Dave, my brother, is in the gray jacket (as usual), and my long-time friend Nancy (Joe's wife) is in the blue. Such an abundance of footage this day, I had to cut it into two parts.

Part One: Lightning Trees off the Upper Catwalk, to Lower Gully, to Dave's Little Secret (that's what we're calling it).

Part Two: Upper Bowl to Flat Iron to South America.


Anonymous said...

loving the chest cam perspective....good tunes and editing!

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