06 March 2010

kid stuff (brag on)

It's a brag. But it's true. So I'm just gonna tell you: We've got a great kid! She's bold, funny, creative, and smart. And she's just a whole lot of fun to hang around with. She's almost five now. And this season, especially as the weather has been getting to be more and more spring-like, we've been trying to get her on the snow up at Snowbowl in order to help her learn how to ski. We went up again early this morning and made a few runs on the Aspen Chair on Hart Prairie.  Today her Mom (my wife, natch) went with us to shoot a little video from the sidelines.

We've had her out a few times before, including one day in the SkiWee program. Each and every time we've gone I've just been so impressed by her great attitude and the natural zeal that she carries into almost everything she does.

Last summer we spent a lot of time working on her bike riding skills. She seems to be super-gung-ho about riding her bike too, despite a few good wrecks, and scratches, and a mostly-grey'd-out front tooth. Nevertheless, it's always amazing to me to watch the sincere joy she's able to find in all these experiences.

As I've mentioned here before, we've also had a lot of fun riding around the tag-along Trail-a-Bike together. It's really amazing where we're able to go together on this rig.

We'd love our kid just as much, even if she hated bikes and skis. But it brings us great pleasure to watch her learning to enjoy for herself a few of the things we've enjoyed for so long. The best we can hope: they're things she's able to do and enjoy for a lifetime.



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