10 April 2010

What Josh Saw

My friend and Absolute Bikes coworker, Josh Kelly, of Josh Kelly Racing Inc. fame, took this picture about a week ago up on Mount Elden somewhere near the summit.  I've been riding locally a lot more regularly lately (home through the woods after work, most Saturdays, sundry Sundays, you know...), but I haven't been up that high yet this season. Not because I haven't wanted to ride up the Lookout Road, but because I simply haven't been able to find the couple hours needed to make the round trip.  Maybe tomorrow I'll head up... Hate to think I might miss out on seeing these 8-foot snowbanks for myself. [UPDATE 12 April: I never did make it up the mountain this weekend... rode out-and-back on a nearly bone-dry Rocky Ridge on Sunday instead... but another pal, Chris rode up and he got an equally impressive picture of the Mt. Elden snowbanks.]

In other news: Got a small article about Mount Elden in the current issue of Mountain Gazette, #166.  It's the same piece I submitted to them not quite a year ago that they didn't pick up at the time.  Nevertheless, the editor was kind enough to actually hang on to it and, for whatever it's worth, he decided to run it in this season's annual pedaling issue.  I'm a genuine fan of Mountain Gazette.  It's a great, readable, interesting magazine whose writers and photographers never fail to captivate me.  As proof of my convictions: I've got two of their old covers matted and framed in my house (see below)... not because I was in either of those issues... this is the first time they've published me... but because they're just such awesome, evocative images.  I'm seriously thrilled to finally be able to say I've been a part of their magazine.

MG #125 MG #118


DMC said...

That is bit of snow would love to know what the inner basin looks like.. Enjoy.

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