16 May 2010

All the feels

It was a weekend. And a very good one!







All the feels. It happened something like this...

Had dinner on Friday evening with several old friends and co-workers, then rode home alone in the dark via Lockett Trust and Jumps trails. Not a big ride, but so nice to just be out in the dark riding trails at night.

Rode the Rock Lobster across Rocky Ridge early Saturday to meet the rest of the trail crew at the bottom of Schultz. Walked in about a half-mile from Weatherford Road to the new Fort Valley Trail.  Spent most of the morning working with Vince moving a large rock near into a huge hole we made in the ground.

Our daughter has been rehearsing in a jazz-and-tap ensemble with the farm-league of the NAU Dance Academy. She had two performances this weekend, along with all the big girls who did a lot of ballet. I went to her performance on Saturday night and got to sit next to my wife while we watched our little girl dance... It was almost like a date! My wife raced back stage at intermission, grabbed the kid, and we ditched the rest. 

Hundreds of other bike-geeks turned out downtown in their corniest attire, on their silliest bikes, to ride in the annual Bike To Work Week kick-off Bike Parade on Sunday morning Had there been a prize for longest bike, our tandem-plus-trail-a-bike would have won easily.

Alas, there were no prizes. Only helium-filled balloons and fake tattoos, prize-enough for any 5-year-old, honestly, and a police-escorted tour through some of Flagstaff's best neighborhoods and the whole of downtown for some 200+ riders.

Afterward we rode over to "the other Coe's house" to visit for a bit while the kids played together.  Then we rode over to LFTT for coffee and brunch-ish breakfast burritos and rode home by way of up Lockett Trust and Elden Lookout Road and Jumps together. 

Life is good!


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