13 February 2011

[There will probably be NO] Snowday This Friday!

It's been some time since my daughter and I were able to get out for a ride together.  And it was all too easy to forget it was February today, too... 67 degrees and sunny skies will do that.  Made recalling the negative-20s of a week or two ago seem like something I'd read in a book.

After two long laps around Buffalo Park (all smiles!), we took the Bug (with the top-down, of course) over to DQ on Milton to celebrate with strawberry sundaes and mocha-moo-lattes.  We played a round of our favorite sitting-at-DQ game: count the Subarus, then cruised leisurely through campus, downtown, and back up Cedar Hill past the Buffalo.  Now we're home again, hanging-out family-style, with the back door wide open letting all the fresh air in...

What a lovely lazy Sunday.

Nevertheless, all the weather forecast models are in agreement (so's my guru, Stu), predicting a return to winter later this week.  And frankly, that's good news to me.  Early spring weather's great-and-all... a nice respite from winter, indeed.  But I'd still like to get a few more days on the mountain... get that pass paid for, ya know.

So, with that in mind, throwing all caution and superstition to the wind, I'm gonna just come right out and say it: The stars are aligning...

It's gonna be a Snowday this Friday!

Don't take it to the bank just yet... we're still a few days away from certainty.

But in the event I'm right, don't forget I said it.


Kaci Mae said...

You will ALWAYS get credit for saying it.

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