23 April 2011

For your viewing pleasure

The first-annual Sedona Fat Tire Festival took place Saturday and Ken and I headed down early, hoping to have a look around and get in a bit of a shred, too. Before we got to the venue, we dropped some stuff off at the shop in VOC and met up with our old-friend John, who lives in Phoenix now. John brought along his work-pal Ernie, too.

After picking up a couple demo bikes for John and Ernie at the Specialized booth we shuttled our three Epic 29ers (John got to ride the $10,000 carbon-fiber S-Works!) and one Stumpy FSR out to Dry Creek Road to hunt down a few trails, including a couple (Aerie and Rupp) that were brand-new to all of us.

Temps were cool all day under overcast skies, with a stiff breeze out of the southwest, and the trails were bone dry and often sandy, typical of the area this time of the year.  We rode a fun loop, a smidge over 11 miles (a middling-distance in Sedona-miles), full of fast singletrack, spring flowers, and wide vistas, from Lost Watch to Deadman's Pass, to Aerie, to Cockscomb, to Rupp, to Two Fences, and back to the van.

Nerd that I am, I brought along both my Garmin GPS and my handlebar-mounted 808 camera.  So, I've got both a map and a 3-minute video of our 3-hour ride to offer for your viewing pleasure.

Music: Red Dust by Calexico and Iron & Wine
View the flash version of the map here.


Chris said...

Looks like a great ride! Jealous. Was that Star with you guys?

johncoe said...

yes! it was. he was in fine form. had me laughing my head off the whole time. nice to hear his huge "brraaaaapp" belch behind me repeatedly during the ride, too. like old times... sans you, of course.

Chris said...

Hehe. Recently I have had a strong itch to head back to AZ to have some, "old times" experiences. Great to hear that Star was in fine form and still riding with you and Ken.

DJ Reflex said...

I want to pedal with John Coe again!

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