09 July 2011

Pic of a nerd riding a bike

Got 350 unique hits here at rockychrysler.blogspot.com during the past 30 days.  Served 1200 page views, too.  Not a bad month here at the old blog.  Slowly but surely gaining an audience? Have to hope so.

I use Google Analytics to chart stats like these.  So do lots of bloggers, I think.  One of the neat features of Analytics is that you can drill-down into your data pretty deeply if you want to.  One of the components that I like to look at in Analytics are the search-term keywords that are used by the folks who eventually find their way here.

Here's the best set of Google search-keywords that ever lead anyone to this blog: pic of a nerd riding a bike.

No kidding.  Somebody Googled "pic of a nerd riding a bike" and it brought them right here!

How awesome is that?!

And, just so nobody goes away disappointed, I submit the following for the record (there were plenty to choose from):
Pic of a nerd riding a bike


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