01 December 2011

One more thing...

It's all coming together quite nicely!  Our incoming batch of exciting weather is at the door, spinning somewhere over Vegas at the moment, by the looks of things.

Snowy weather is imminent, and should be beginning sometime this morning, I think, and in earnest later tonight.  Probably now is a good time to get outta town if you're planning to drive in the next 48 hours...

Wanted to share one last great weather site with y'all.  What follows in the frame below is NOAA's Graphical Forecast page.  It's got so much cool data on it I'm not really even going to try to explain it all.  Best thing for you to do is play around with it.  Use the top toggle-arrows, next to the day of the week to move forward in time.  Use the items listed below [Weather, Temp., Amount Of Precip, Snow Amount, Snow Level, etc.] to get a good idea about what the weather's probably going to do.  I use this page a lot, once it looks like weather is more-or-less for-certain.  When you're feeling wonky, it's great fun.


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