21 February 2012

Mountain Gazette #186

Browsing around teh internets this afternoon, as is often my habit after a long day at work, I wandered over to my favorite magazine, Mountain Gazette, to check on the status of their 5th annual Dog Photo Contest issue.

As I did a year ago, I entered another couple photos in this year's contest. Just because.  A: Because I love my dogs, and B: because I really dig Mountain Gazette.  Last year I got lucky and they included one of my entries in the issue, #176.  It was my first-ever published photo.

I didn't really get any word from them about my submission this year, nor did I expect to, other than a quick, emailed "thanks" from the editor.  But, when I didn't get a subsequent request for a high-res version of either image, I kinda figured my beginner's luck had expired, and that I'd been passed over for this year's issue.

So I was pretty darn stoked to come across my photo on their website this afternoon!  Especially since the accompanying article says they had nearly 500 submissions and my photo bears the rather shocking title BEST IN SHOW below it.  How cool is that?!  I don't know much more about any of this than that.  Haven't heard from anyone at Mountain Gazette about this at all.  But there it is one their website, it all it's glory, a fine, favorite picture of our good old dead dog Shadow!

Made my day.

If you look close, you might find Rubi, the dumb-puppy, in winter-camo-mode in the background, too.

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@B_Sheridan said...

Sweet! Congrats man, great shot!

troy said...

That is a great shot. very cool, Troy

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