22 April 2012

Hey fatty!

Need more of this.
I am fat.

Not obese. Not yet.  But fat I am. Fatter than I've ever been.

One-hundred-ninety. That's what I weighed-in at yesterday (and today). After my ride.  After crossing paths with my old friend Tony, the manager at the bike shop where I used to spend my summers, up on Secret Trail out in the middle of nowhere.

"Hey fatty!" he called out as we recognized each other from some distance away.  I greeted him with the same, of course.  Though it really wasn't true; he's as fit as he's ever been right now, I think.

I am not, however, so his greeting didn't shock me. I've been aware of my new bulkyishness for some time; waistbands are good barometers of such things and mine have been growing ever-snugger of late.

When I was fast, years ago, I was 160.  For the last decade or so, I've felt best at about 175.

It was when Tony said, "Look at your legs, they're all chubby.  You've got chubby fat-guy legs, Johncoe!" that I resolved something needs to be done about my situation.  I don't want to be that-guy, all pudgy and stuffed into his lycra.  But right now, I guess I am.

And this.
A lot of excuses can be made, of course, all new-job-related.  But they really don't matter, nor do they change the foundation of my dilemma.  I need to lose some weight.  I'm thinking I need to work on getting back to 175.  What's that, 15 pounds?  That should be doable, right, for someone active and healthy?  How long should it take to get rid of 15 pounds, without killing myself through starvation?  A few months, probably.

School's out in early June, a little over a month from now.  Can I get there by then, so I'm more ready for the Tuesday Morning Ride?  Probably not.  But maybe close.  The days are longer, so maybe I can start getting out on a ride or two during the week after work, before dinner.  If I can just find more time to ride, I think the weight will come off easier than if I try to starve myself back to 175.  I think that makes the best sense: ride more, eat a little less.  Right?

The bottom line: I need more time to ride.  Less time behind a desk. More time on wheels in the woods.  Riding's more fun when you're less fat; exercise is good for the soul; the woods are lovely, dark and deep.  There are a million more good reasons why I need to do this.  And I'm gonna.

Don't wanna be fatty-fat-fat no more.


Joe said...

The solution is simple. Baggies. Lose the kit and never look back.


johncoe said...

No doubt, true, Rockman. And the thought of switching to baggies has crossed my mind. But before I do, I want to put one last effort into regaining my former condition.

@B_Sheridan said...

Is the Shop Tubby making a comeback? Where are the pictures of the chubby legs in lycra? Don't stress... it's been proven to trigger weight gain.

Anonymous said...

Missing the obvious solution. Stop wearing lycra. Dur.

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