10 June 2012

Columbines are out this week

The top of my ride, the meadow on Upper Brookbank Trail, looked like this today, which is pretty spectacular, if you ask me.

About two minutes after I rose from this spot, I flatted.  Just like that.  No warning: pssssffffttt!  Everything's so dry, I musta missed a rock buried in the moondust and tombstoned it.  Went flat fast.  Put a little wobble in my front wheel, too.  Gotta whap it pretty hard to put a wobble in your wheel.  That's what I always say.

Columbines are out this week, in case you care.  Lupines are trying hard to get started, too.  Tough going for wildflowers in these conditions, I think.

Rode home down Weenies Walk with the wobble after fixing the flat (snake-bit, natch) and, after washing the stinging sunscreen off my face, set the wheel in the stand to get it true again.

Put some music on, to set the mood; wheel truing's got kinda a focused rhythm to it, so music helps.

It may come as no surprise to learn that my iPod's playlist is pretty predictable: Radiohead, Travis, Wilco, Calexico, Neil Young, Killers, Thievery Corp, Interpol, Zero 7... you get the picture.  But there are a few rather girlie gems buried in there, too, just because I like them... Not ashamed to admit that my regular playlist includes some Rosie Thomas, a little Sophie Madeline, and The Bird and the Bee, as well.

Paulina Rubio -- Y Yo Sigo Aqui 
[click to play]
This song, Y Yo Sigo Aqui, came on first as I set about working on my wheel.  It's such a great, fun song! Can't deny it.  It's the only Paulina Rubio song I've got.  But every time it comes up in the shuffle I enjoy it. Makes me smile and (try to) sing along. My daughter totally loves it.  She's seven.  Wants to hear it again and again and again.

Hope you like it, too.


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