22 July 2012

Revised. Retracted. But never redacted

I was wrong. Well, wrong is a strong word.  Let's say I was mistaken.  One could perhaps even accuse me of being lost.  But I don't exactly think I was lost. I knew where I was, generally speaking: in the woods, a few miles from home.  I just didn't know what I was looking at.  So I was mistaken. That's for sure.

Not the first time.

For 15, maybe 20 years, I've held on to the assumption that the old footers and extraneous junk strewn about the area which was the subject of my most-recent post, was, in fact, Chimney Spring.

But it's not.

After I made my post last night, I started playing around with the EXIF Geotag data on the pictures I took. According to the data attached by my phone's GPS to each image, they were all taken right around 35.269404, -111.672182.  Problem is, Chimney Spring is located at 35.26362, -111.67488, which is about a quarter of a mile south of the location where I took the pictures.

So, yeah.  Not the same place.  Not at all.  Don't know what all that junk near the road is.  But it ain't Chimney Spring.

This is Chimney Spring.  Covered in shame, I went back out to 9002 again this morning, on the way out to our Sunday hike, to find it and thereby expunge my now embarrassingly tainted record.

Dry as a bone, it was nevertheless precisely where the coordinates said it would be.  I used my Garmin to navigate right to it.

Needless to say: I'd never been there before.


Anonymous said...

Some of that junk off 9002 might be part of an old sawmill? I wonder if Chimney and other springs on the peaks might start flowing again since the water is no longer being pumped and diverted by the city from the IB? Nice post RC.

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