03 January 2013

Chima, not China

The guy behind the counter was so pleased.  "You know, the next release will be the first in a long time that isn't based on a film franchise," he informed us.  "It will be based in China."

That's what I thought he said.

But, having now done a little research in preparation for this post this evening, I've come to the conclusion that he probably actually said, "on Chima" rather than "in China."  Not that it really matters.

I have no idea what a Chima might be.

What does matter is that I learned this interesting fact because my daughter and I were at our local strip-mall Game Stop video game store, scouting out used video games earlier today.  Lego video games, in particular.  Just to see what our options looked like.

It's no secret.  I play video games.  But, until this week, I've never been a Lego video game player.  I tend to prefer shooters rather than action-adventure RPGs, as a rule.  But, thanks to my mother-in-law, grandma-Susan, we (my daughter and I) have become quite the Lego-videogame-playing duo of late. 'Cause, ya see, grandma-Susan bought her Lego Star Wars, The Complete Saga for Christmas.  And, as it turns out, there's almost nothing in the world that's more fun to do than to spend a few solid hours on a cold, windy winter's afternoon, playing two-player-cooperative Lego Star Wars as a dueling daddy-daughter duo.  We both agree.

Doncha know.

We played both today and yesterday after I got home from work, and, as of this writing, I am pleased to report: we're completely done with Episode 1, and well in to Episode 2.

As happens, we scored a near-mint Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 (for a mere $16.95) on our visit to ye olde neighborhood Game Stop this morning.  And I'm pretty sure, probably sometime in the year 2015, when we're all done playing through each of the 160 levels of the Complete Saga of Lego Star Wars, we'll bust it out and play through Harry Potter as a daddy-daughter duo, too.

Lego two-player-cooperative video gaming.  Good stuff.  Who knew?


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