31 March 2013

Just about a bike: Specialized Stumpjumper Pro

My old, red, rigid Stumpjumper Pro just plain gets the job done.

She's a frankenbike, for sure, cobbled together from old and cast-away parts resurrected from several other long-gone and broke-down bikes. Neither pretty, nor vintage, nor especially cherry, she's nevertheless a good bike: reliable, simple, and, with the big wide On-One Midge dropbars and old Shimano barcon bar-end shifters, XTR low-pro cantis, and the last of the XT 5-bolt cranksets, she's darn fun to ride, too...

I'm generally goofy-footed, so most of the teeth on the bottom of my big chainrings are missing.

Set up this way, my Stumpy is also a kind of a mostly deliberate homage to Charlie Cunnigham's Indian, too, I suppose.  I'll never ride a Cunningham, much less own one.  But I've got this bike which bears some resemblance to the old Indian and, I gotta think, maybe even rides a bit like one, too.

For certain, it will always be my go-to bike in the early weeks of spring, when the world is puddle-wonderful, as the trails clear of snow, when all the small creeks are flowing.


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