13 May 2013

Race me!

After my ride today I weighed 192 pounds, more than a bit on the portly side for a six-footer like me.

I am 46 years old and I work a lot, at least 50 hours a week, often more.  I've got a gut and way more flab around my middle than I'd like.  After a couple of years doing this new job, my once-indelible arm and leg lycra tan-lines have faded almost to nothing.

I ride nearly every weekend, both days usually. But that's about it.  On very rare occasions, I get out to ride perhaps one day during the week for maybe an hour or so.  I used to commute to work by bike, everyday for almost 20 years, but I hardly ever do so anymore; I've got meetings I need to get to all over town.

Today I took a vacation-day from work (I've got got to use them up before 30 June) and spent some of it riding in the woods.

There is a mountain bike race near town this weekend.  Sadly, I am definitely not fit enough to race on Saturday.

See?  KOM.  For today...
But, come the end of July, I just might be.

So here's what I propose: you should race me!

Today I set an initial time using Strava on a little 8-mile loop I've labeled Orion Spring TT.  It took me and my big fat butt 56 minutes flat to ride it.  It climbs about 1000 feet overall, pretty relentlessly from the git-go, in my opinion.  It's a really fun lap.

For today I am the KOM (king of the mountain, natch) of this loop on Strava.

My challenge is simple: If you are the KOM on this loop on 31 July 2013, I will send you $50.00 cash.  If I am KOM I get to keep my money.


If you want to play along, send me an email and tell me your Strava name.  I'll follow you and, if you end up the KOM on this loop rather than me on 31 July, the money is yours.  No kidding.

I'm hopeful this little investment will motivate me to get on my bike a bit more and, likewise, that it might make for an interesting game this summer, as I work to chase down all of you fast kids, and you work to take my money.

You've got nothing to lose.  I've got 50 bucks to lose. If I'm not KOM on 31 July, the actual KOM (you?) gets the money.  If I am KOM, I keep it.


The route is simple: Start on Schultz at the second "left-hand exit," the one after the rock-garden that goes up past the big rock that looks like a giant saddle.  Ride directly across Schultz Pass Road just below the cattle guard to the little connector that goes across to Weatherford Road.  Ride past the old gate and up the little rocky trail that eventually connects back to Weatherford just below Puppy Chow.  Ride up Puppy Chow to Lower Dogfood.  Ride up Lower, Middle, and Upper Dogfood, and then across Weatherford again where it's blocked by the three short wooden poles, up to where it connects to Newham.  Go right at Newham and ride east on the new "Secret" Trail (aka Spotted Owl) going past Orion Spring, all the way down to the parking lot just west of Schultz Tank.  Ride down  Schultz Creek Trail and back to the start.

 8.2 miles.  1000 feet of elevation.  Easy-peasy.

Here's the botton line: If you've emailed me ahead of time to let me know you're playing, and you end up KOM on 31 July you get my money.

50 bucks cash!

But, if I am the KOM that day, I keep it.


Unknown said...

I'm in. However, I don't really know where some of those trails are. I don't expect to get the $50, but if I do, I'll donate it to a local charity.

way wakka said...

No offense, but WTF, is this April fools or something? Great, as if we need more people racing (or "Strava-ing") down Schultz, a heavy traffic, multi-use trail. Don't run over any elderly or children!

I've already been buzzed or cut off twice this season already by rude "DHers" on Schultz.

But on a nicer note, kudos on getting back into shape. I'm all about it as my 35yo body sits in front of a compuer 40hrs a week. My choice is to go jogging in the morning to help shave off the extra middle-section weight. It's much quicker than biking more, though a lil harder on the legs, but makes getting on the MTB that much more fun!

Rick said...

Rocky, I finally got around to giving the TT a spin. My hat's off to you good sir. I pushed almost as hard as I can and I'm still 11 minutes behind. I could have gone faster if I had a higher tolerance for cardio punishment. Maybe a little faster if I had a big ring. Maybe a little faster if I didn't have to yield to folks on Schultz. But I'm pretty sure you're not as out of shape as you think you are. And I finally figured out we live in the same hood.

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