21 March 2014

Her mother's nose and chin

She has her mother's nose and chin and beaming, bright smile.  But I am pleased to say she seems to share my affinity for bikes and trails and the woods.

As I write this on a Friday afternoon before dinner time, I am pleased to report that I am some 16 hours into my week of riding, which is pretty amazing.  If all goes well for me between now and Monday morning, I should close-out Spring Break 2014 with something close to 20 hours of saddle time.   My hairy, old, off-the-couch arse will attest.

I've enjoyed a lot of nice mornings out in the woods the last several days amidst the quiet of the early spring season with almost no one else around.  But no ride has been as good, nor more memorable, nor more truly life-affirming than the ride I took for an hour with my daughter this afternoon up Schultz Creek on her brand-new, big-girl, 24-inch, 21-speed, bright-orange Specialized Hotrock mountain bike (the latest in a long series) which she shredded with such great skill and good attitude as to make me nearly burst with gratitude and pride.


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May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. -- Ed Abbey