08 December 2014

Just about a bike: Coconino Cycles Singlespeed [UPDATED]

2.9:1 gain ratio, 41.4 gear inches

Waited 21.5 months for my name to finally rise to the top of the build-queue at Coconino Cycles.

Took receipt of my new Signature model singlespeed on Saturday, the sale of which was completed with a high-five, a few beers, and a quick test-ride on the Coconino Cycles World Headquarters test-track just before sundown.

Still on the chilly side, trail conditions were double-plus good on our inaugural ride this past Sunday morning: tacky from the rain, even greasy in spots. Rode up to Newham for pics.

Rides so well.  Awesome.  Amazing, in fact.  A full day later, and I still haven't been able to let go of the sense of it...

Trouble staying focused at work.

Update -- August 2016

Never before has a bike made such beautiful music for me.

The Retrotec, my first-bike, has alway been special, and made me a better rider from day-one.  The Rock Lobster, my old-bike, was ground-breaking at its beginning and, to this day, is a bike that somehow always rides ahead of the curve.  The Pugsley, my always-fun bike, charges hard into every situation and never fails to entertain me.  The list goes on...

They're all good bikes, some of them are great bikes even.

But none compare to this one.  My Coconino singlespeed is truly special. Primarily because it is mine, and mine alone; I am reminded of that every time I ride it. But also because it somehow makes me feel better, in both my mind and body, just as soon as I start to ride it, every time I ride it.

It fits.  It flies.  It flows.

Never before has a bike made such beautiful music for me.

UPDATE -- September 2023

Stepped down the gearing to 32x22 and swapped on a set of hand-me-down 180mm cranks, dropping my effective gear-ratio to 2.9:1 on 41.4 gear inches.  Climbs like a fiend. No more dead-legs for this old man. Super rad! 


Mimbres Man said...

Yep...waited about the same length of time for mine, and the ride is as you describe...Amazing! So fun!

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