10 July 2010

Riding with Ben

Ben and I go way back.

But until today, it had been ages since we'd shared a shred.

Like me, Ben's a school teacher in real life.  But he lives and works overseas, along with his family, so we see very little of them these days, except now-and-then on Google Chat.  However, they're all in Flagstaff for a couple weeks at the moment, house-sitting for some mutual friends.

Ben and I used to work together at the bike shop.  Back in The Day.  So we've been on lots of rides together over the years.  Ben's always been a really great bike rider: fast, agile, stoked to ride.  Almost everyone who knows him knows that.

Fewer folk know that Ben's also a truly gifted photographer.  Always has been, long as I've know him. A dozen years ago or so he took a few pictures of my wife and I when we were all in Vegas for Interbike.  A couple of them have become a part of the permanent collection on display in our living room.

Over the years he's also taken a few pictures of me riding.

But today, on our first ride together in at least a year, around Dry Lake Hills, with his little pocket point-and-shoot camera, he really has outdone himself. If ya ask me: I think these pictures are awesome... and  not just because I'm in them.

My new favorite-picture of me riding.
Still riding those Onza pedals...
Dry Lake Hills
Dry Lake Hills


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