04 July 2010

July is not just No-School Month and Work-At-The-Shop Month, it's also The Month Of The Tour

I love July because I don't have to teach in July.  It's the only month of the year that that's a fact.  Both June and August get cut into small parts by the school year.  But not July.  It's a nice respite, July.  Peaceful.

Nevertheless, in honor of July, the month without school, they've been working me pretty hard at the bike shop the last week or so.  I told them I was cash-poor and wanted hours, and boy did I get 'em!  I think I've been on 7 of the last 9 days, or something like that.  It's already become kinda a blur.  Nine hours a day on the sales floor, for days on end... standing, running, lifting, making stupid mistakes...  Trust me: it's enough, to take all but the very last breath of wind out of my sails, come days-end... so this-here blog's been a mess of languish, and little more, of late.  I'm gonna try and fix that; I wanna fix that.  But we'll have to wait and see.

I've also been remiss in posting because I'm working on a post for Utility Cycling about riding Trailer-bikes (aka: Trail-a-Bikes©) with your kids.  It's not done, not by a long-shot, but it's already well overdue.  Truth is: I'm not sure when it'll actually be done.  Because, come July each year, new distractions enter my periphery every day.  See, July is not just No-School Month and Work-At-The-Shop Month, it's also The Month Of The Tour.  As in Le Tour De France.  Which, in case you don't know, is a bike race big enough to rival nothing less than the World Cup itself, both in terms of its grandeur and its obscurity.

Today's Tour stage, technically the second, but actually labeled the first (the one that comes after the Prologue, natch), was a flat sprinter's-stage in Belgium.  It ran rather predictably, 3 or 4 massive crashes in the last few Ks notwithstanding.  But, about 20 minutes into the broadcast there was this wonderful, brief moment, wherein I was reminded, quite unexpectedly, of my deadline, and of why bikes are just so great.


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