17 June 2011

Photographic evidence

I was 29, in the fall of 1996, when I moved into the townhouse on Arroyo Seco Dr.

And I was 44 when I moved out in the summer of 2011.

Photographic evidence would seem to indicate that my grandmother (now 95) and my (then soon-to-be) wife were present on both occasions. Evidence also indicates that my haircuts and fashion sense have improved but a little if at all in the meantime.

On this obviously memorable occasion I am inclined to forego nostalgia and flowery talk about days-gone-by.

Suffice to say: it was a fine little house, generally filled with love and happiness, within which we truly became a Family. It was good to us in that it kept us warm and safe and dry, as all good houses should.

We hope the same will be true for its new inhabitants.


Chris said...

i love the overalls. where did you move?

johncoe said...

we moved to the valley crest neighborhood (north of 180, across from MNA, about 1 minute from schultz trailhead). a house with a yard and room for a kitchen table. we are stoked, to say the least.

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