28 June 2011

What the office desk hath revealed

Generally, we're feeling pretty settled in our new place. Still, we wake up most mornings feeling like we've rented this house for summer vacation.

Not a bad way to live.

Got some new web-writing-work recently. Really just started working on it today. Rather excited about it.  Bikes. Words. Working with old friends.  Good stuff.

So, I'm at my home-office desk working this afternoon, mostly just sussing out a new content management system. In need of a pen. Desk drawer is all a-jumble from being moved. Searching, searching, searching... for a pen... There's one! But after a good shaking and a trip across town, it turns out the office desk yields forth even greater treasure than mere implements used for writing. 

What hath the office desk revealed?

Only the truth. Which is: even redacted, I am such a dork. And have been for many, many years.

Maybe Probably always.


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