25 November 2011

Riding with Rockman

Any time you get to ride in Sedona with Rockman it's a special occasion.  Few know their way around the area was well as he does. Today we rode a bunch of trails I'd never ridden before: Last Frontier, Special Ed, Witch Doctor, Cakewalk, Under The Radar... this list goes on.  Here's a little (crappy) video of  today's adventure, set (as always) to good music (Silversun Pickups):

A few stats about today's ride.
  • Total distance: about 13 miles. 
  • Total elevation gained: about 3000 feet. 
  • Total elevation lost: about 3000 feet
  • Riding time: about 2 hours. 
  • Time on trail: about 3 hours. 
  • Average speed: about 4 miles an hour.  
  • Real average speed: about 6 miles an hour
  • Broken parts: zero. 
  • Broken riders: zero 
  • Flats: zero
That's a very good day in Sedona.

GPX file and other ride-data available on Everytrail.


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