18 March 2012

The huddled masses

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I hadn't planned to post about our trip down to Glendale this week to see Radiohead.  I mean, it was awesome and all that.  Out-of-my-head awesome really.  And it's a memory that I will always be grateful for.  But, chances are, you weren't there (sad for you).  And reading about someone else's experience at a rock show that you didn't attend is always a less-than stimulating experience.  In my experience.

So, I was gonna keep quiet about it here on the old blog, keep most of the memory just for myself.  But then my brother sent me this picture he found online, which a random fan took from center-stage at the pit-rail, probably at some point during the reset after the opening act.  I was very stoked about our general-admission-floor tickets and where we ended up in the crowd.  This photo tells that part of the story a lot better than I do.

So there it is: a post about our adventures at the Radiohead show.  But, while I have you, you really should have a look at this: the closing song, Paranoid Android, from the the show we saw.  The dude who shot it was standing just to our left.  It's pretty incredible.

Of course, it was even better live.



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