13 March 2012

Your mileage may vary

Four days riding, all in a row!  Yee-haw!  Feels so great to be back on the bike!

Got down to Sedona today with Rockman Joe.  Joe's just so much fun to ride with down there.  He knows his way around like few others do and has twice the courage on the really sketchy stuff than I do.  It's a real thrill to watch him ride.

Today we rode the Double H.  The Double H is a ride which, it will come as no surprise, is one loop short of the Triple H.

I've done the Double H ride a few times now. The Double H forms a bow-tie-like shape when fully completed (see map). It takes a little over three hours to ride the Double H's approximately 15 miles at a reasonable pace and, most notably, includes Highline and High On The Hog trails. The Triple H, for whatever it's worth to you, adds Hangover trail, and must be an extraordinarily long ride.

Both of the Double H's H-trails are seriously spectacular and a real credit to the wildcat trailbuilders in Sedona who built them.  In fact, High On The Hog has recently been adopted as a USFS system trail, and I'm told the same may soon be true for Highline, too.

I'm little banged up after our double-loop today.  Took a tumble on the way across Highline, and then slipped and fell while walking down a sketchy section on the way down to Baldwin, too.  Ended up with a golf-ball sized contusion (or is it a hematoma?) on my left elbow and some missing skin on my left shin, too.  A bit gimpier than usual, even for me.  But that's one of the things I really dig about riding in Sedona, it always causes me to feel like I've pushed myself to my limits in so many ways.  Everything's steeper, sandier, and more dangerous and just-plain intense down there than it is here in Flag; that's my opinion, of course.  As they say: your mileage may vary.


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May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. -- Ed Abbey