17 June 2010

How to: The three-camera hike

Veit Springs (or the Lamar Haines Memorial Wildlife Area) is a mellow little hike through the aspens on the lower slopes of Humphreys Peak.  The mile-or-so-long trail from the small parking turn-out on Snowbowl Road [aka FS 516] heads up along an easy alignment, mostly on an abandoned roadbed, to an old herder's cabin and a few nearby springs and seeps. We figured this spot would be a good pick for a walk on a summer weekday, despite all the traffic on the road, obviously heading up to the 'Bowl for the Skyride.  Plus, we're in puppy-training mode these days, trying to give the new little-dog lots of opportunities to be out with us in the woods and learn from the old big-dog how to chase butterflies, stay-close, and do-the-right-thing.

To make things a bit more interesting today, along with our snacks and water, I packed three different cameras for our little excursion. Our daughter had her  Fuji J28, my wife had her Canon S5IS, and I took a few pictures with our Nikon D40. Nothing special or award-winning, but I thought the different perspectives were sorta interesting.

Fuji CanonNikon
veit spring me smiling at the camera in the woods veit spring
veit cabin me and daddy hiking with my new puppy rubi veit spring
veit spring
veit cabin


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