23 June 2010

#Schultzfire Day Three

I don't really know what to say.

In a sense, I've "experienced" a lot of Arizona wildfires.  I remember most of the big ones pretty well:  Big Bug near Prescott in the 1970s.  Radio on Mount Elden in '77.  The great Arcosanti grassfire in '78.  The fatal Dude outside of Payson in '90.  Rodeo-Chediski on the Rim in '02.  Aspen on Mount Lemmon in '03.  Brins above Sedona in '06.  Crown King in '08.  Others, too.  But somehow, probably because of my proximity to them... because I was in Scottsdale or Tempe or Flagstaff, and they were somewhere else, they seemed kinda far away.  I was always impressed by all of them... by the pictures I saw in the news... by the devastation I saw first-hand later on... But still, all those fires were, to put it in simple terms: far away from me. Ya know...

Hardy, last Saturday, just a mile or so from our house changed all that.  But, it turns out, Hardy was just the beginning.

Then, I look at this picture (above), or I replay the video again.

Then I look at this map of Schultz (below).

And I'm completely speechless.

View Flagstaff fires in a larger map


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