21 June 2010

Steve Garro Speaks: Pure Genius

Photo credit: Bill Hatcher
My friend, Steve Garro, maker of Coconino Cycles, former Hot Shot, and current Flagstaff Live cover-boy said something absolutely genius today on a mountain-bike forum we both frequent.

I think it bears repeating (and repeating, and repeating) until it becomes policy.

"I'd like to see fires banned EVERY year on a set date. June 1st, for example. Forest-wide. If you are cold put on some clothes, go to bed, or drink more. Hell, I'd like to see a permanent ban on fires in a 20 mi. radius of Flag year-round. We have to live here. If we lived in Kansas and people could start tornadoes, everyone would want a tornado-starting ban around their house."


Anonymous said...

I wanna be able to start tornadoes. I would trade the ability to start fires for the ability to start tornadoes...

Anonymous said...

Not quite. Nope. I love Steve and he might be a genius, but not because of this particular comment. Fire, some would say, was/is an integral part of human civilization and culture. Fire has a purpose (i.e., yummy food and warmth; not everyone has a nice house that is warm) and tornadoes do not, at least not in an obvious way, god's wrath maybe..hee hee. So, the real problem is the MORON factor. People, especially from out-of-town, don't seem to care or have the appropriate knowledge required for this privilege, that is of starting fires near our houses. So, I agree, that fires should be banned near town or at a particular time of year. But, tornadoes? Not a good analogy. It's funny but too completely abstract. Maybe a gun analogy would be better....Let's see...guns kill people, a lot of people, especially drunk people. So, allowing people to start fires in June in the dry forest of flagstaff is akin to allowing guns into bars...oh, wait, hmmmm...both of those things are allowed in Arizona. The point is that there is a reason for allowing fires in June in Flagstaff and guns in bars throughout the state. It's more about money and politics. It doesn't have much to do with logic or locals. However, if you want people to listen, a good analogy and a compelling pitch is required. Also, attending town-hall meetings or the like is sometimes effective. Ranting on a blog is less so in my opinion.

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